Majestic [adjective]

Definition of Majestic:

impressive, splendid

Synonyms of Majestic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Majestic:





Sentence/Example of Majestic:

While quantum mechanics dominates the microscopic world of atoms and quarks, the motions of planets and galaxies follow the majestic clockwork of classical physics.

In addition to a surplus of wide-open spaces, both states have a blend of majestic mountains and sprawling high desert.

Alex is played by Michiel Huisman, a man with hair so majestic and looks so blazingly good that no one cared when he replaced the original, less hot Daario on Game of Thrones.

This event features a majestic collection of lights, as well musical performances and moving speeches.

And he girded him about with a glorious girdle, and clothed him with a robe of glory, and crowned him with majestic attire.

The tragedy of existence presented itself in its true aspect, as noble and majestic and intimidating.

During the rainy season, most of these cliffs and rocks are covered with water, and the river then appears more majestic.

This majestic conception was first advanced, in modern times at least, by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

As he spoke, King Loc, grave and tender, had something of the gentle beauty of a majestic poodle.

We soon found ourselves at the entrance of the palace, the gateway of which is lofty and majestic.