Majority [noun]

Definition of Majority:

plurality, most

Synonyms of Majority:

Opposite/Antonyms of Majority:

Sentence/Example of Majority:

The majority of CU Boulder cases come from off-campus students.

Busting the filibuster and using a newly unleashed majority to uncork several major changes to the structure of American politics would be a shocking turn of events.

Since mid-June, a majority of the new coronavirus deaths each day have occurred in red states.

Polls conducted in the past two months show a majority of Americans worry development of the vaccine is being rushed and a third wouldn’t get inoculated.

The truth is that the majority of gang members never commit a gang-related crime in their life.

Even though viewers can watch Connected TV on mobile or desktop devices, the vast majority watch it on television.

That year, both parties were claiming victory in three states — resulting in the election getting thrown to the House of Representatives because no one could claim a majority.

Then, the state Supreme Court decided this week not to relitigate an appeals court decision to allow a San Francisco citizens’ initiative to pass with a simple majority.

In 2021, Zocdoc expects “a significant shift to offline channels,” per Fine, “with the potential to be majority offline.”

As are a majority, though not quite as vast, of the league’s coaches.