Maladies [noun]

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Mais il s'en estoit retir, -cause de quelque mortalit l survenu par des maladies dysenteriaques.

Cette anne il a couru par dela plusieurs maladies de dysenteries, qui ont est mortelles ceux qui en estoient attaints.

Mais particulierement encore l'exemption de maladies, qui est vn miracle tres-evident.

At length a complication of maladies completed the ruin of all his faculties.

Of all maladies the human frame is subject to, the vain old creature most dreaded that one.

But is not this existence continually troubled by griefs, fears, and often cruel and undeserved maladies.

For only typhus and one or two other maladies are the precautions so elaborate as those needed in smallpox.

The disease is very severe, painful, and depressant, but the mortality is quite low except in complication with other maladies.

Therefore, a preparation of it would dispel every ill which flesh is heir to, as well as the maladies of plants.

He becomes blind and deaf, and cannot sleep, afflicted with rheumatic pains and maladies forlorn.