Maladjustment [noun]

Definition of Maladjustment:

emotional disorder

Opposite/Antonyms of Maladjustment:


Sentence/Example of Maladjustment:

It was in those days that I first became critical of my life and burdened with a sense of error and maladjustment.

Few people are really lazy, he thought: what we call laziness is merely maladjustment.

Nor is there any à priori reason why there should not be from time to time such general maladjustment.

Now if it be admitted that such maladjustment is possible, the balance can only lean one way.

The maladies and defects which we detect in modern industry are but the measure of a present maladjustment.

Progress means a better adjustment, and the discomfort of maladjustment is the spur to improvement.

A want of confidence, or the maladjustment of the rope, might have interfered with the full exercise of his strength.

But the Negro's residence in the city offers problems of maladjustment.

And always for the same reason—to stop the steadily rising incidence of psychotic maladjustment.

There is plenty of waste and maladjustment in our economic system at the present time.