Malapert [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Malapert:

"I want you to whip this malapert with your sword-scabbard," roared the old patrician, pale with anger.

Go to, sir, know yourself, or the master of the household shall make you know you are liable to the scourge as a malapert boy.

In a fury, she said that he was too malapert to give her such answer, and affirmed that both he and they should repent it.

In this same impious malapert he had recognised M. le Marquis de St. Genis!

"Take this malapert boy with the others," cried the squire to the constable, and I could see that he was much angered against me.

He gaped rather foolishly at this, and asked did I want my ears slit for a noisy malapert?

And this is old Fitzurse's boasted policy, encouraging these malapert knaves to rebel against us!

Tush, man,” said Bunce, “he did but let out a little malapert blood.

And tell me this one thing more, fair cousin, if it be not a malapert question.

Art thou not ashamed to take sides with this malapert boy, feeding his passion and folly with thy crazy prophecies?