Malcontent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Malcontent:

A believable hack would have required a small army of malcontents.

Yet, through the favour of God, there are but few amongst us that are malcontent, and fewer that have cause to be so.

Dimitri had the satisfaction of lending his support to this malcontent, as Olgerd had aided the Prince of Tver.

White was adopted by the malcontent Irish as the French emblem.

The simplest course for the malcontent is to find fault with the order of Nature and the Being who established it.

Therefore I was the malady and it was a hell of malcontent beyond symbolical description.

The malcontent radicals who have turned them out are not going to bring them in.

Then a wicked old woman offered her services to the malcontent princes, promising that she would reveal the secret to them.

The Malcontent has more dramatic interest than Antonio and Mellida; it is also more orderly and artistic.

In 1604 was published The Malcontent; another edition, augmented by Webster, appeared in the same year.