Malcontents [noun]

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All the malcontents cannot become State dependents, but they might easily be helped to acquire an interest in the soil.

The others answered back with cries of 'Grignoux'—that is, Grognards, or malcontents.

I know that malcontents always make use either of war or of religion.

The malcontents had actually prevailed to have their complaints entertained by the Privy Council.

This was more than Presbyterian malcontents could be indulged in at the present critical time in Massachusetts.

At night the Governor returned and nothing was said, the uneasy malcontents concluding Bradford had gone with messages of his own.

Setting up his standard in Transylvania, he was soon joined by thousands of malcontents.

It was he that was in constant communication with all the Roman Catholic malcontents in France.

Greatly refreshed in spirits, the army, purged of the malcontents, proceeded cautiously on its way south.

Some malcontents are about to disparage the whole business, and, in particular, the affair at Alexandria.