Malevolently [adverb]

Definition of Malevolently:


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Sentence/Example of Malevolently:

The skull had rolled a few paces away, and lay there grinning malevolently up at them.

All the while the great white dog was walking up and down behind him, eyeing his calves and snarling malevolently.

The beady eyes of the Chis-chis-chash beamed malevolently on the white chief—the blood-thirst, the warrior's itch, was upon them.

The High Priest was staring at him malevolently, his slanted eyes fastened on his garb of furs.

When Craig did not reply, he again spat out the words, his dark brows bunching malevolently.

If malevolently inclined, they invariably bring ill-luck on all who become acquainted with them.

“You cannot hope for anything better with that Hackensack Bridge,” urges the superintendent almost malevolently.

Deliberately, malevolently, she spat upon the earth beneath which the letter lay, before she returned to the house.

She had the same agony of pity for him that82 she would have felt for a child she had wronged malevolently.

His usual expression of polite humility vanished and he glowered malevolently.