Malign [adjective]

Definition of Malign:

hurtful, injurious

Synonyms of Malign:

Opposite/Antonyms of Malign:

Sentence/Example of Malign:

Some evil influence, some malign destiny, seems ever to have brought disaster where her people looked for progress or happiness.

Mankind's malevolence may makeMuch melancholy musing mine; Many my motives may mistake,My modest merits much malign.

Ignorant, superstitious, worked upon by things as they seemed, the outlaw imagined himself at last beset by malign forces.

At last there came an interval in which the malign influence of our invisible enemy seemed as if withheld.

Did that reverend Basket-bearer intend, by such designation, to shadow forth my future destiny, or his own present malign humor?

Talking about my books, I find, has much the same malign effect on me as talking of my feelings or my religion.

The latter paused to note the threatening fangs and malign eyes of his slim rival.

It was the Duma which was strangled by these forces, of which the first was the more potent and malign.

These people thwart themselves, while my people are thwarted by malign circumstance.

Be that as it may, his will still remains dominant to animate and direct the malign powers created by his wicked genius.