Malignancy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Malignancy:

When the immune system is compromised, or the cancer evolves some kind of special mutation that makes them resistant to our immune system, you can end up with a malignancy.

Those whose intentions were strictly creditable, by some malignancy of fate, possessed no influence whatever.

The great purple veins stood out on his forehead, and his features were distorted with malignancy.

Few would accuse a workman of malignancy who cleanses from filth the surface of a noble statue.

Even the dogs, even they were hostile to us and hurled themselves at us with a peculiar malignancy.

About midsummer the disease betrayed its malignancy by the eruption of whelks and spots.

Its structure was fibrous tissue, almost as firm and hard as cartilage, and with no appearance of malignancy.

His eyes were wild, and blazing with a wanton malignancy that awed every man who looked at him—Sanderson included.

Then it was that the overflowings of your 'native malignancy' hurled the tears of loyalty down your pallid cheeks.

The missionaries feared everything from his malignancy; and their fears were but too well founded.