Malingerers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Malingerers:

It did not take me many days to realise that I was up against the most practised malingerer in the British (or any other) army.

When the last malingerer arrived with yawns still unfinished, Prissy seized upon a temporary hush and began to laugh.

The fellow's a palpable malingerer, and his being here makes it ever so much worse.

So in the same way hospital doctors will soon find out the malingerer.

One night there was a heavy snowfall, and in the morning Pike, the malingerer, did not appear.

He told me that I was a malingerer and that I should not see the doctor.

The Portugee cook, sick of fever—I think he's a blighted malingerer—was the only creature there.

Thoroughly squelched, the malingerer flushed, mumbled an apology and held out his hand.

Anybody who was not a malingerer was voted a fool, an altruist.

As it was not in Peter to be a malingerer he was left in peace, while we picked apples.