Mam [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mam:

She said not a word, and the silence was broken only by Mam'selle Pauline's continued sobs.

Yes mam, de war comes ter de great house an' ter de slave cabins jist alike.

When it ceased dripping for an hour at noon, the greengrocer said cheerily, 'Another grand day, mam!'

Peter didn't want her to follow him home and so he merely said, "Yes, mam, I won't do it any more."

I guess it must be squash, for he likes mam-ma's squash pies so much.

Yes mam' she said looking rather ignorant will you step this way.

Yes mam, I was swift and I think I went nearly through the first reader.

Yas mam and ifn you puts pins and needles in with the hair before you seals the hole they will die.

"Tempers iz er mity bad thing, honey," continued Mam' Sarah.

She rent the air with her cries, and backed toward Mam' Sarah, fighting them off as she went from different parts of her body.