Mammal [noun]

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Dellaire told me that while no marine mammals have been found yet infected with SARS-CoV-2, “…beluga whales and dolphins have been found to be infected by related gammacoronaviruses.”

In some intriguing cases, that loss of genes isn’t known to cause disease symptoms in any other mammals.

With 45 species of mammals and more than 200 species of birds from six continents, the refuge is more biodiverse than almost any area in the Arctic.

A yellow-rumped leaf-eared mouse has shattered the world record as the highest-dwelling mammal yet documented.

Many sleep discoveries first made in flies have been verified in mammals.

Melin, Janiak and their colleagues decided to survey all of the mammal genetic information that they could find.

ADH7 has lost its function in 10 separate spots on the mammal family tree, they found.

No insect—so far as I can remember—has a thick neck; nor has any mammal or bird a thin one, like the wasp, bee, or fly.

Without it a mammal will perish in less than three minutes; hence there is no need of the body so urgent as that of oxygen.

The bat's secret appears to be that he is not the bird-mammal, but the mammal-insect: economy of tissue, hibernation.