Mammalian [adjective]

Definition of Mammalian:

beastlike; carnal

Synonyms of Mammalian:

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Sentence/Example of Mammalian:

Naked mole-rat groups seem more like ant or termite colonies than mammalian societies.

The Neurospora proteins that were candidates for this job, Jedd’s team learned, had repeated mixed-charge domains that could be found in some mammalian proteins, too.

This eventually led to my becoming the first to ever isolate a mammalian pheromone receptor.

I do have hope that we’ll be able to understand the properties of the mammalian microbiome, and intentionally re-engineer the mammalian microbiome.

Opsins are specialized “doors” that open under certain frequencies of light pulses, something mammalian brain cells can’t do.

The mammalian care of the young had insured their survival, but only at the expense of great strain and risk of the mother.

Throughout the long period of mammalian evolution she has showed very little regard for the males.

The literature of the mammalian ovary has been so often dealt with that it may be passed over with only a few words.

Nevertheless, the general aspect of the mammalian fauna is ‘southern’ (faune chaude of French writers).

It has been identified by Mr. Busk among the associated mammalian bones of the Brixham cave.