Mammon [noun]

Definition of Mammon:

wealth as evil

Synonyms of Mammon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mammon:


Sentence/Example of Mammon:

He drew up his spare person, with a terrier-like shake of the head and shoulders, as of one repudiating Mammon and all its works.

A man with his capital embarked, who may be a beggar on the ensuing day, cannot lie down upon roses: he is the slave of Mammon.

Peter remembered that he had read in his little leather Bible, "You cannot serve God and mammon."

What I like in you is that you've definitely let Mammon go—it's the only decent way.

His extreme love of money overcame every other consideration; and to this idol, Mammon, he even sacrificed brotherly affection.

Here was a desperate struggle—mammon pulling one way, the church the other.

So far back as 1877 Mr. Grundy offered a first version of it, under the title of Mammon, to the English public.

Mammon is certainly a better made piece than Montjoye, but this was not enough for Mr. Grundy.

It isn't exactly trying to serve both God and Mammon, but it's muddling up the stage and the world.

It will be said that I have drawn an impossible character, and depicted a woman who served both God and Mammon.