Mammoth [adjective]

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At the bottom, several trails converged beneath a mammoth sandstone outcropping.

The Times is a mammoth news organization of roughly 1,700 journalists.

To be sure, mammoth additions like this have happened before.

That was when she first heard of Wrangel Island, a dot in the Arctic Ocean north of Siberia thought to be the last place on earth where woolly mammoth had survived.

That residue must have been acquired by pounding apart mammoth bones that were found scattered around the stones, the team argues.

Ant’s mammoth listing is poised to boost the fortunes of a group of early investors and employees.

As shareholders press agricultural companies to cut their carbon emissions, several have begun considering how to recycle the mammoth amounts of byproducts and waste generated by large-scale production.

Gasoline-powered cars may be going the way of the woolly mammoth, even if it will take decades to replace them and seems hard to fathom today.

In its foreground was a mammoth tree, shading the gables of a stone cottage; a ruined wall, half smothered by vines.

Inspired by a sense of deficiency, the doctor says that the visit to the Mammoth Cave terminated without any further incident.