Manageable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Manageable:

The company said that this was a relatively easy remaining issue to fix, wholly manageable via software tweaks, and it intends to deliver its first commercial satellites beginning this summer.

She has settled into a grueling yet now manageable routine with her first-grade son.

Those changes are manageable for Jones, who is happy to see his players competing on the court — in masks or not.

The better approach is to embrace a manageable level of chaos to shake out the biases, build a more accurate perspective on customers, and drive true innovation.

So when they did see a rise in cases, it was a rise that was much more manageable.

The pacing of the courses is manageable, which has made the transition from high school easier, he said.

The contrast is typically overbearing when applied to regular JPEGs, but it’s more manageable when applied to the raw files.

Diabetes is manageable, but without regular healthcare, or money for nutritious food, a slow violence destroys the body.

Fortunately, counting up the first two cases was manageable.

The day we hired a head of operations is the day things started to fall into place and feel more manageable.