Managers [noun]

Definition of Managers:

person who runs organization

Synonyms of Managers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Managers:

Sentence/Example of Managers:

It’s sixth in the Bundesliga right now and has also just gone through another manager firing.

Hedge-fund manager and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer has injected millions into climate-friendly political campaigns over the years.

With fresh security video, the managers were able to highlight the viciousness of the rioters and how close things came to an even worse disaster.

I’ve vetted him thoroughly along with our general manager and owner.

He played general manager, too, convincing Rob Gronkowski to come out of retirement and later advocating for the Bucs to sign wide receiver Antonio Brown despite his problems.

Specialist teams are fun up until the account manager level and then you are negatively typecasted.

As the House team walked senators through a timeline of the day’s events, the managers used a diagram of the building to show where the rioters were in relation to elected officials — and how close they came to confrontation.

Microsoft Advertising recommends paid advertising managers start testing their automated bidding setup now, before the migration sunset begins.

No one should have to work under such circumstances, and companies certainly shouldn’t tolerate managers who abuse staff and create a culture of fear and intimidation.

Crivello was a product manager for Uber Works at the time, and the platform had just suffered a major outage.