Manages [verb]

Definition of Manages:

be in charge, control

Opposite/Antonyms of Manages:

Sentence/Example of Manages:

She skilfully manages the side-lights, and by this means produces strong effects.

Mr. Ernescliffe manages him very well—used to illness on that African coast, and the doctor is very fond of him.

The one manages at least everything concerning agriculture and land, and the other is at the head of the navy.

How he manages to turn it all to favour and romance you must allow Baroness Orczy to tell you herself.

In vain you may know him to the core—know him a liar, a comedian—he manages always to get the better of you with his stories.

Without exaggeration, he manages to suggest the intervening aerial medium between the seer and the thing seen.

Besides, he always manages to dine a good deal better than we do.

It is practicable, however, especially for a housekeeper who only manages the part of the income devoted to the food supply.

We have had no fresh meat for a long time back, but one manages with an occasional change of bully beef or a commandeered chicken.

Pray excuse me for receiving you like this, but one never manages to finish dressing in the morning.