Mandates [noun]

Definition of Mandates:

authority, order

Synonyms of Mandates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mandates:

Sentence/Example of Mandates:

The army must be purely executive, carrying out the mandates of the State.

Aught else than servile obedience in accomplishing the mandates of those in power?

She then produced her mandates, and the guards laid them at the feet of Ahubal.

Mr. Pericles' mandates was being obeyed, when a cry of "Wilfrid!"

It did not occur to Robert to question the mandates of this lordly being.

The Syrians next asked for America; but America refused all mandates.

Will it not be that one whose "mandates" he has sworn to "receive with humility?"

My father's mandates for my return were no sooner read than forgotten.

Mandates, which were directions to officials in the exercise of their offices.

Would it not have been better to have followed the mandates of her heart?