Mandible [noun]

Definition of Mandible:

bones of chin

Synonyms of Mandible:

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Sentence/Example of Mandible:

Mala mandibularis: the grinding surface or area of a mandible.

Adductor mandibulae: the muscle that draws in or closes the mandible.

In their massiveness they are unsurpassed save by the mandible from Mauer.

But the mandible is wanting, and the molar teeth of the upper set are absent.

The premaxill and the end of the mandible are greatly expanded.

In such crania the mandible is wanting, and the teeth are wanting.

The glenoid surface for the articulation of the mandible is very wide.

The mandible is massive, and has a very high ascending portion.

The mandible is slightly developed and has no angle or coronoid process.

The rami of the mandible are not ankylosed together in front.