Mandrill [noun]

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This story of the mandrill may excuse this pendant of an episode.

It sounds impossible, yet the mandrill has been known to do so.

They include the chacma, drill, common baboon, and mandrill.

One shudders to think of the mental humiliation that is daily experienced by the warthog and the mandrill.

The Mandrill, C. mormon (or maimon), has blue ridges on the muzzle, the bridge of the nose being red.

Mandrill, man′dril, n. a large kind of baboon, a native of Western Africa.

The mandrill's blue nose, for instance, already referred to,—can we rightly speak of this as 'ευπρεπειὰ'?

The papio, the first baboon; the mandrill, the second; and the ouanderou, the third.

The mandrill has pouches on the sides of his cheeks, and callosities on his posteriors.

Another interesting baboon is the mandrill, which one does not often see in captivity.