Manes [noun]

Definition of Manes:

thick mass of hair

Synonyms of Manes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Manes:


Sentence/Example of Manes:

How she rode the horses to the spring, using their manes for a bridle!

He must wash them clean, and not pull out their manes and tails.

"Sure, 'tis a pair of oilskin pants he manes," cried Jimmie.

With this he yoked his fleet horses, with hoofs of bronze and manes of glittering gold.

The bowl of milk, which to-day is presented to me, will shortly be presented to my Manes.

And here are others, horses having their manes put in shape.

But to his manes alone of the Spartan dead no honours were decreed.

Many of the men were beaten and egged, and the manes and tails of their horses were shaved.

It is by no means impossible, and I hope the manes of the deceased will forgive me for your sake.

I have no manes of supportin' her, an' I swear I'll never bring her to poverty.