Manful [adjective]

Definition of Manful:


Synonyms of Manful:

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Sentence/Example of Manful:

The Captain bore the shock of the refusal with, to say the least, manful resignation.

"The boy is fine and honorable and manful, Wayne," said the old lawyer.

"Your wife is a woman of manful virtue," said the interpreter to Albinik.

In what connection can manly be used where manful could not be substituted?

Your speeches at Aberdeen are most admirable, manful, and earnest.

They met, as was the phrase of the time, "manful under shield."

For these manful Slavs, no work is too toilsome and dangerous.

I laid all that before him; and he showed a manful spirit, that I will always say.

He might have used nicer language, perhaps, but his inner sense was manful.

However, the boy went about his task in quite a manful manner.