Mangled [verb]

Definition of Mangled:

mutilate, deform

Synonyms of Mangled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mangled:

Sentence/Example of Mangled:

Were they guilty whom you see down there gibbeted, mangled, and torn to pieces?

It is heart-sickening to witness their bloody, mangled forms.

They washed the bloody and mangled face, and found that it was indeed the prince.

The dog soon became a mangled and bloody mass of flesh and bones.

The crown flamed toward the battery, scorched and mangled it.

The ranch was on fire, and he was mangled so we hardly knowed him.

Tucker and Traps, bleeding and mangled, were falling back and trying to escape.

The mangled carcass plunged into the water, dislodged by their efforts.

A mangled likeness of his father, he had all his faults with not one of his merits.

I went, anyhow, and they found my mangled body in the gutter in Yonkers.