Mangy [adjective]

Definition of Mangy:


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Sentence/Example of Mangy:

We'll show 'em that we won't be bothered any longer with their mangy wars.

He had goggling, bloodshot eyes, mangy moustaches, and a broken nose.

No trace of her passing on the hard earth with its mangy growth of grass.

So fine a fellow, and so mangy a following, it would be hard to find.

His practice was to wear on his head, in that tropical climate, a mangy fur cap.

It was all rock, except in a few spots where there was some scrub bushes and mangy grass.

They're a mangy, stick-in-the-mud, follow-in-the-old-ruts crowd.

About his chest and shoulders hung a single, mangy garment of goat-skin.

Git out o' here; I'm ashamed to be seen speakin' to a mangy hound like you.

Got his nerve with him, the mangy calf-eater, comin' up to the ranch thataway.