Maniac [noun]

Definition of Maniac:

person who is crazy, overenthusiastic

Synonyms of Maniac:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maniac:


Sentence/Example of Maniac:

If it were not for Kirsty, I should be in my grave, or wandering the earth a maniac.

Blinded with rage, he had begun beating about the room like a maniac.

Aside from his god Science he was a maniac—inhuman, cruel, unreasoning.

I dragged her down to the sea with the strength of a maniac and sprang in.

Her hair fell from its knot, and her eyes began to blaze like the eyes of a maniac.

He was standing over the form of the maniac, rigid and menacing.

Meantime, at first, the maniac made a great deal of noise in the lodge.

Frank had listened to all this, and he noted that Gage actually seemed like a maniac.

Just as I am affected by the maniac, so I am affected by most modern thinkers.

It grew intolerable—intolerable; he was beaten, mocked, and almost a maniac.