Maniacal [adjective]

Definition of Maniacal:


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Sentence/Example of Maniacal:

He had seized the handle, and he was pulling at it frenziedly with a maniacal strength.

She broke away, clawing his face, screaming her maniacal cry.

There was no struggle: the lanky figure showed no maniacal fury.

There is no telling what the next move of this maniacal avenger will be.

That it sometimes struck her as maniacal did not detract from its interest.

The laugh was repeated, and the sound was even more wild and maniacal.

An hour of maniacal excitement does not justify a month of chains.

If it was fast and furious before, it is maniacal madness now.

Maniacal for argument, Fleetwood rejected the forgiveness of sins, if sins they be.

For a moment I thought it was a case, and saw nothing but maniacal water.