Manic [adjective]

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No one unfamiliar with that strange disorder of the mind called the manic depressive psychosis can fully understand Signor Papini.

He'd never heard of any marriage maintaining such a crazy high romantic level of manic neuroticism as this for very long.

In this second psychosis, however, manic elements were much more prominent.

This procedure is not questioned, because the manic reaction as distinguished from a mania is well recognized.

Manic states (usually hypomanic) frequently occur during the phase of recovery from the stupor.

When death means union with God or appears in other religious guise, manic symptoms tend to develop.

Other psychoses superficially resembling stupor are the perplexity and absorbed manic (manic stupor) states.

He noted, too, that stupors frequently terminated in manic phases of 20 to 30 days' duration.

His cases seem mainly to have been what we call absorbed manics or manic stupors.

Kraepelin treats stupors occurring in manic-depressive insanity as falling into two groups, the depressive and manic.