Manicure [verb]

Definition of Manicure:


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Sentence/Example of Manicure:

The girls say that I can shampoo and manicure as well as a professional.

But the manicure lady was of a temperament needing no prompting.

I wondered what kind of tool-grinder they used for a manicure.

My friend in the manicure came and told me about hers when I was lying in the hospital.

She had stopped before her dressing-table and was toying with her manicure things.

I might win a manicure set, or a shoe-horn, or a leather bag.

He gave his hands over to a manicure, and did his best to talk nonsense to her.

Told her we would keep it down—and complimented her on her manicure.

Meanwhile a manicure girl appeared and took charge of my hands.

And I shall insist upon your going to the manicure every other day.