Manicured [verb]

Definition of Manicured:


Synonyms of Manicured:

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Sentence/Example of Manicured:

Madison punched the button for me with a palsied, manicured thumb.

If I owned this shrubbery we're borin' through, I'd have it manicured.

The manicured, plebeian hands were Cuckoo's, and none but Cuckoo's.

His hands were soft and manicured, he entered a room with grace and left it with distinction.

His dress bespoke the skill of a good tailor and his fingers were manicured.

But it was important for me that the dead man's hands should not be the hands of a manicured gentleman.

They were marcelled and manicured within an inch of their lives.

While she built, she manicured her finger nails, looking at them critically.

Miss Slater manicured her hands while Freda brushed and dressed the dark thick hair.

The tiny shack had evidently seen duty as a warehouse and hadn't been manicured since!