Manifestations [noun]

Definition of Manifestations:

exhibition, proof

Synonyms of Manifestations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Manifestations:

Sentence/Example of Manifestations:

Manifestations of extravagant thirst, which water could not satisfy.

Man is not divided when the manifestations of his life are distinguished.

To do this, the man must watch its signs, its manifestations.

Nor is the one set of phenomena any more marvellous in its manifestations than the other.

God in Himself is incomprehensible, and is only to be apprehended in his manifestations.

He accepted it as he accepted all the unaccountable doings and manifestations of the gods.

After this morning's manifestations of it, it should pass into a proverb.

All these exciting facts and manifestations had been observed by Captain Giles.

Had you experienced any great shock, about the time these manifestations began?

Not one of the colonies, except Rhode Island, was free from its manifestations.