Manifested [verb]

Definition of Manifested:

exhibit, make plain

Opposite/Antonyms of Manifested:

Sentence/Example of Manifested:

He manifested no reverence for Bishops and Lords, for he felt none.

She manifested no surprise in seeing them, nor any other emotion.

Valentine, on being approached, at first manifested some surprise.

The abbe, on his side, manifested inexhaustible complaisance.

Under these circumstances, they manifested a strong desire for peace.

What is the name which is given to self-motion when manifested in any material substance?

In death she manifested the same faith and fortitude which had embellished her life.

In this hour of triumph Henry manifested the most noble clemency.

It was in these conditions that the Teuton capacity for organization was manifested.

A mingling of honk and cackle, it manifested not excitement so much as curiosity.