Manifestly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Manifestly:

He was so manifestly embarrassed that the small lady laughed.

All these are manifestly characteristics of Hamlet, and Posthumus possesses no others.

The reflection is manifestly Shakespeare's own, and here the form, too, is characteristic.

Manifestly, Shakespeare is thinking of Herbert and his base betrayal.

With his companions, however, the feeling was manifestly different.

Manifestly unintentional errors in the text have been corrected.

Manifestly she was moved by passion, not duty; love drove her on; but surely not love for them.

But the task is manifestly a hopeless one with the materialists.

She is manifestly as much puzzled over the problem as Mr. Darwin himself.

There is manifestly as much necessity for them to get out of the way as for the rest of the flora.