Manifests [verb]

Definition of Manifests:

exhibit, make plain

Opposite/Antonyms of Manifests:

Sentence/Example of Manifests:

In this undertaking he manifests a preternatural astuteness.

But nearly every drawing by him, or attributed to him, manifests the third of these temperaments.

The Truth and Love that he manifests in his life, is the revealment of his God-like nature.

Here it manifests itself in service, that service of our fellows which is the service of God.

Agents and merchants, dressed in white, were hurrying to and fro with manifests.

He allowed me to see the ship's manifests of cargo arriving.

Yet I know how dear to you was the dead man who manifests his love even from the grave.

When a Swede manifests an interest in your behalf, it is pretty certain that he feels it.

The refusal of his enemies to call upon him manifests their rebellion.

And these, education does not do away with; but measures, manifests, and employs.