Manifold [adjective]

Definition of Manifold:

abundant, many

Synonyms of Manifold:

Opposite/Antonyms of Manifold:





Sentence/Example of Manifold:

And you think that with all your manifold advantages you're a happier man than me.

She answered me as follows: 'There is poetry, which, as you know, is complex and manifold.

We mean the integrity of impression made by manifold natural objects.

The difficulties of introducing a sportsman-like ideal have been manifold.

His weaknesses were manifold, but, on the whole, of a negative kind.

To be aught but a mockery, immortality must be as manifold as the manifold phases of life.

There are but few felicitous phrases in his manifold volumes.

Not thus had the French spoken, with the giving of manifold presents.

The advantages are manifold, when compared with mere correspondence.

Since all these manifold things could have occurred, we have every right to believe they did occur.