Manipulator [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Manipulator:

"You can take that manipulator off in an hour or so," he told me.

Even so masterful a manipulator of men as Cecil Rhodes failed with him.

But there is one disappointment often awaiting the manipulator of mankind.

He considered himself, and indeed he was, above all things, a manipulator of men.

Yet this boy was declared by the manipulator to have a decided talent for mathematics.

The process and order of what is known to the manipulator as "general massage" follows.

Had she been compelled to earn a living she would have made a successful teacher or manipulator of men.

He was now a railway magnate, the president of a system, a manipulator of dexterity and courage.

In no field of literature have the forger and the manipulator worked with greater vigor and success.

The stock market and women required deft manipulation, he considered, and his fame as a manipulator was established.