Manlike [adjective]

Definition of Manlike:

like a man

Synonyms of Manlike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Manlike:


Sentence/Example of Manlike:

Manlike, having raised the issue, K. would have given much to evade it.

Manlike he planned as if he knew all the elements of the question.

Manlike, he was willing to face his God with the sin, but not her.

I felt that this manlike image was endowed with forces inimical to man.

He expressed his growing apprehension, manlike, by getting angry.

The clerk, manlike, was affected by the evidence of beauty in distress.

He was a little surprised, but, manlike, he was flattered at his wife's show of affection.

From the fame and memory of him that begot me, shamefacedness, and manlike behaviour.

And this they take for manlike gallantry, and a scorning to be base.

From long association with men she had learnt a manlike reticence.