Manliness [noun]

Definition of Manliness:


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Sentence/Example of Manliness:

It is astounding how ill-endowed Shakespeare was on the side of manliness.

What perceptible sign of mature age or manliness is there about him?

And yet I could not help wondering at his natural temperance and self-restraint and manliness.

He don't like me, that's all, and he has n't the manliness to say it.

"That more than repays me for all I did," said Paul, in a tone of mingled modesty and manliness.

He had the manliness to share his fortune with this poor girl.

This manliness on the part of government was successful, as it has always been.

However, Dick has some fine characteristics to build on—honesty and manliness.

He tried to summon up his pride, his courage, his manliness; but in vain.

A man feels the extent of his manliness, left all to himself in the midst of danger.