Manly [adjective]

Definition of Manly:


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Sentence/Example of Manly:

"I'll do it, sir," said I to the Mayor, with a manly curtness.

Therefore, after a moment's consideration, he spoke up, with a firm and manly voice.

This appeal to manly protection was received by Stevie with his usual docility.

We had hauled our manly tacks aboard, and had no thoughts of plunder.

The bridegroom's frank and manly countenance was radiant with joy.

They praised his manly beauty, his grace and strength of body.

Driving, swimming, rowing, and other manly sports should be favored.

He mixed but little with the "Boys," but the latter respected him for his manly qualities.

It was rumored, sir, that she admired me for my Manly Shape.

"Indeed I do," she said heartily, and gave him her hand in the manly way he hated.