Mannered [adjective]

Definition of Mannered:

affected, put-on

Synonyms of Mannered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mannered:

Sentence/Example of Mannered:

You forget the mannered pose of the hands and arms, to admire their curves and dimples.

This was in 1589 when German art was already becoming decadent and mannered.

The school is now decadent; its productions feeble and mannered.

His works were very successful, though in the mannered taste of his time.

Then he remembered himself and became polite, even 'mannered.' '

A Norwegian gentleman will have good manners, but he is never 'mannered.'

We can regard him now more justly, as one who in slender work sought for elegance, and fell into a mannered prettiness.

Her aunt's chief concern about her was that she should be frocked and mannered as became her position.

A mannered style was so common in artists of that age, that few were exempt from it.

He is a technician of ability, mannered in composition and subject, and somewhat perfunctory in execution.