Mannerisms [noun]

Definition of Mannerisms:

peculiarity of how someone behaves, acts

Synonyms of Mannerisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mannerisms:

Sentence/Example of Mannerisms:

Make a list of "mannerisms" you have observed, and suggest how they may be cured.

They repeated his tones, his attitudes, his mannerisms, in their several ways.

They carefully studied the speech and the mannerisms and customs of the Satorians.

Tone and mannerisms were in perfect imitation of Mrs. Mosher.

She discussed his books and his mannerisms, even the growth of his popularity.

Since then she had imitated her own mannerisms, and was rapidly degenerating into an eccentric.

His mannerisms get in the way and interfere with our grasp of the idea.

His walk, voice and mannerisms smacked faintly of the Hoosier.

These mannerisms were hardly disturbed by revolutions, wars or misfortunes.

No; I am not related to the Romanis, though possibly I may have some of their mannerisms.