Manners [noun]

Definition of Manners:

polite, refined social behavior

Synonyms of Manners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Manners:

Sentence/Example of Manners:

Cornelius had been taught—and had learned nothing but manners.

Bad as those manners are in many respects, they are better than no manners at all.

She has the fascination of great pride and the magic of manners.

Nothing as to the manners of the times can be inferred from this freak of an individual.

Of some of their manners and morals it is impossible to write.

This was not altogether because of her mother's romantic past, but because of her own manners and clothes.

He thought so himself when he grew to be a man, and he laughed at the recollection of his manners.

"Go home and learn your manners," he had shouted at the blubbering boy.

Manners and customs change no less quickly than headgear and skirts.

The effect of her manners, like that of her beauty, was rather to be felt than described.