Manservant [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Manservant:

The manservant and a driver were dragging portmanteaux into the room.

He was wearing a Hungarian jacket and was rather well dressed for a manservant.

Was it possible that Bailey or his Italian manservant had unexpectedly returned!

At that moment a manservant appeared in the doorway of the conservatory.

Evidently a manservant who was on his way to interview a new employer.

Cecilia's glance passed swiftly from the manservant to Stephen.

A coachman and manservant were the only other members of the family.

What's their maidservant or their manservant got to do with it, dad?

She had sent off her manservant, and was preparing to take the tram back to Auteuil.

She longed to call her manservant to turn the fellow out of doors, but she dared not.