Mantel [noun]

Definition of Mantel:


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Sentence/Example of Mantel:

I leaned against the mantel, relieved by his going, but unutterably lonely.

Then he leaned his arm on the mantel and bowed his head on it.

She stood there under the mantel, and held by it while she trembled.

She had risen with him, and they were both standing beside the mantel.

She rose and glanced at herself in the mirror which hung over the mantel.

Mr. Brown stepped over to the mantel and helped himself to a pipe.

The chronometer on the mantel was obscured by a thick layer of dust.

He fixed his eyes on the mantel and asked abstractedly, “How do you bear the separation?”

He stood and leaned his head in his hand with his elbow on the mantel.

Then he tossed the letter aside and, rising, walked across to the mantel.