Mantilla [noun]

Definition of Mantilla:


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Sentence/Example of Mantilla:

Herr Erasmus has given me a small Spanish mantilla and three men's portraits.

You have not unpacked your trunk; and here is your bonnet and mantilla ready to be resumed.

Do you happen to have a handkerchief, a scarf, or a mantilla, that he gave you?

Dicky caught a faint gleam of steel from the folds of her mantilla.

It is covered with a veil, open on each side, like a Spanish mantilla.

Carmen still in the arm chair, covered with her mantilla, did not speak.

Her white face, in the frame of her mantilla, looked longer, leaner than usual.

The two stood there face to face; she settled her mantilla, looking down at it as she did so.

She let the mantilla drop from her face and stood and looked at him.

Of course, I've only seen her in her little mask and mantilla.