Mantled [verb]

Definition of Mantled:

blush, make rosy

Synonyms of Mantled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mantled:

Sentence/Example of Mantled:

She stood before him, veiled, mantled, bending as a suppliant.

Loneliness came with the night that mantled Beauty Stanton's grave.

The Kreisker, mantled in golden lichen, is the pride of every Breton.

Beyond, the rocks began to be mantled with vines and gardens.

She was of an ancient race, the blood of the Guzmans mantled in that blush.

At this, the color which had mantled her cheek as he touched her fingers disappeared.

The darkness hid the scarlet flush which mantled The Kid's face.

An honest, quiet laugh often mantled his pale earnest visage.

What mattered it whether the ground was flower vested, or mantled with snow?

So the Bishop went, muffled in a cloak, and mantled with displeasure.