Mantles [noun]

Definition of Mantles:


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Sentence/Example of Mantles:

She had already selected a mantle to throw over her shoulders.

He took her mantle from the wall, and tenderly wrapped it round her.

How still the world outside as the cloud wove in darkness its mantle of light!

With these words she dropped her mantle and turned her face towards us in the moonlight.

The mantle was made of oak-leaves, tied together with little blades of grass.

With that she entered the room, threw back her mantle and took off her turban.

For their covering a mantle is what they all wear, fastened with a clasp or, for want of it, with a thorn.

I brought in a large egg one evening and placed it on the mantle.

He seemed to rouse himself, to shake off a mantle of deliberate harshness.

"Do you wrap this about you," I urged her, and with my own hands I assisted to enfold her in that mantle.