Mantras [noun]

Definition of Mantras:

chorus of song

Synonyms of Mantras:

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Sentence/Example of Mantras:

A spell or mantra must have accompanied the tying, but this I was not privileged to learn.

Occasionally a mantra is infused with high religious fervour.

He repeated a mantra automatically, for his thoughts were elsewhere.

Hence it is called the Mantra Sdhan, to distinguish it from other sorts of Sdhans.

But how shall I know that the mantra which I have learned is equally efficacious?

After that we meet with the mantra, 'Such is the greatness of it.'

Mantra, a verse or chapter in the vedas, any prayer or words recitedas a charm.

When actually this call came to him, he went forth from place to place to preach the Swaraj mantra.

Having mumbled several spells (mantra), he recites the tale (qissa) of the particular goddess, which often occupies several hours.

All these faults in the mantra rites are abolished by these excellent consecrations.