Manual [adjective]

Definition of Manual:

done by hand

Synonyms of Manual:

Opposite/Antonyms of Manual:

Sentence/Example of Manual:

Well-educated gentlemen are not ashamed of manual labour in France.

The windlasses that lift the bridge are actuated by manual power.

Thus he was more inclined for manual toil like that of Thomas.

For instance, they rendered it impossible for him to do any manual work.

They had the manual arts and crafts of the industrial North.

After reading the manual on lifeboat operation there was but one course open.

Nay, not only did the past write its manual there, but the future wrote its sign.

He was virtually quoting from the Colonial Officer's Manual.

Again, gardening and manual work are a great pleasure to our children.

The manual part of the work can be presented most effectively by means of demonstrations.